I was thinking today about relationships and ambition. Initially, it seems as though relationships suck people into the mundane and take away ambition, but I realized that it brings a different, more subtle kind of ambition into life. Instead of being focused on these big, general goals and ideas or striving for a position, we gain ambition that turns into a revolution on a small scale.

It’s like finding redemption in the little choices, if you will. This ambition isn’t just limited to the partner but finds itself expressed outside of the relationship. Life becomes more meaningful when you make a determined effort to do something positive for someone, and it’s easy, when you’re in a steady relationship, to do small, determined good turns.

I’m not sure why this is. Perhaps because there isn’t any hiding who you are in a relationship. You can’t always just sit in front of the television and exist. Or you can, but that doesn’t end well. In the evening, when you sit down and talk, it’s nice to have something to show for the day…something real and substantial.

Ambition can manifest itself unusually in relationships. I wonder if this kind of ambition really makes more sense. After all, how many of us are going to be politicians and public figures? Most people just end up living ordinary lives. It’s easy to sit around dreaming of greatness and ignoring the need right in front of you.

We are extraordinarily powerful every day, perpetually sending out butterfly effects, with the fruit rarely seen by us…