My views on the Amanda Knox story are kinda biased, thanks to the Lifetime original movie I saw of her life a few months ago. (Side note: That is a deadly, addictive channel…it is full of super-creepy based-on-real-life stories, and it will make you paranoid forever. DON’T watch it!! If you start, you will NEVER stop.) It painted her in a pretty sympathetic light, and I am sad to say that I ate it up! I am the reason that advertising and a biased media exist.

No surprise that I was ecstatic when I saw the news that she had been cleared and was going home!! I know this is an unpopular opinion, and that most of the public is unfavorable toward her. But really, who would want to live in a country with a justice system like that? It just made me one hundred times more thankful that I live in America, where, if I ever ended up in a weird and tragic situation like hers, that I would be innocent until proven guilty (although not in the public’s eyes).

On a similar note, I was thinking the other day about how horrific 9-11 was. After reading Meg Cabot’s blog on it, I cannot get the tragedy out of my mind. I was thinking about how terrible those terrorists and those who assisted them were….and I realized that the state of their hearts was exactly like mine before I was redeemed by Christ’s blood. How terrifying is that? Our hearts are on equal planes, and we have no reason to EVER feel morally superior to anyone else. We all deserved death, and yet our Father was so gracious to give us life and a future with Him…