I certainly have the time to write, so I’m going to try postaday2011… it might turn into postaweek2011 for me 🙂

As a rule, I am not a moderate person, and it’s not for lack of trying. With eating, I either binge or starve (yes, I know how bad that is). Or with writing, I either write a lot or not at all (like today, haha). But I don’t think it’s always good to live life in extremes. It ends up being pretty isolating if you use extremes with things like social interactions…

There are also times to make all-or-nothing decisions, I believe. In situations where it might be easy to make those choices, it’s probably not appropriate. But there are times to stand up and make difficult choices, and that is when moderation has to be left behind.


P.S. Sorry if I sound a little spacey! It was kind of a long day at work.