1)   A good friend of mine couldn’t hang out with me on the evening I was available, which was disappointing, but then I found out that another good friend of mine was coming into town and would be available at that same time! I don’t often get to see this friend.

2)   I had to fill in for someone at work today and had to get off my other job. When I FINALLY got off my other job, I ended up not having to fill in…which left me with no work…until I got this last minute babysitting call. So now I have more time to read (and BLOG).

3)   My shower broke. This would ordinarily be a terrible thing, because I forget a lot of times that I can take a bath. After a particularly stressful night at work, I come home and get frustrated because I can’t take a shower (I don’t even know how I got a college degree). Finally, I remember I can take a bath, and it ends up being more relaxing and calming than I could have planned for!

All of this reminded me of Psalm 42.5 (Yes, I cheated and used google, because my memory is terrible. I can only remember parts of verses):

“Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise Him, my Savior and my God”

My God saves me from this itty-bitty “disasters”, when He could just roll His eyes and move on. But instead, He shows compassion toward me, always. I just have to look for it.

(Also, you can tell how much I have going on in my life right now by my trivial daily problems. Although, I suppose most of us don’t have much going on. Maybe all we can do is find redemption in the little choices, the decisions we make moment by moment to either reflect upward or on ourselves… Just a thought…)