Today, the postaday2011 prompt was to write about one of the five things I’m afraid to write about…already done! So I’m going to write about something else that’s been on my mind lately.

I read a fabulous Tim Keller article on Gospel Polemics (“the branch of theology dealing with the history or conduct of ecclesiastical disputation and controversy”) the other day, and it made me realize how much good discussion has been lost in post-modernism. I wonder if the conservative evangelical movement has more heated discussions because they subconsciously feel they need to bring more force to the argument to get the point across. I don’t know. It drives me crazy. Whatever the reason, it’s not working.

Absolutes are all well and good, but the practical application of love and sense make apologetics tricky. I can say that I believe something is wrong, but how can I love someone who is not following God’s law? What would Jesus have done? Would He have danced around the subject at the dinner table? Knowing His character, He was strong and emphatic when it came to sin, particularly hypocrisy. But the Gospels don’t talk much about how He talked to the tax collectors.

When He met with Zacchaeus, He desired to be have fellowship with Him. Zacchaeus knew something was different about this man, which was why he climbed in the tree to see Him, out of desperation. Once Zacchaeus spoke to the Lord, his attitude was one of instant repentance. Something about Jesus was so powerful that it stirred this heart change in him. And we are called to emulate Jesus…are we to be like that? Maybe it’s not all about our words. Maybe our light needs to shine show brightly, like we’re acting as a conductor, so that people realize the Truth that is in us. Oh, and that reminds me of this verse

My light is dull.

My mind is so small sometimes. I get frustrated with questions like the one above and want a list of rules or talking points. And God does give us rules and moral guidelines to follow, especially in the Epistles, but He gives us more than that, too. He gave us a Model to follow in the Gospels. He also gave us Christian liberty, where we can follow our convictions on smaller matters, without being afraid of sinning. What I might need in order for my light to shine might be different than what you need for your light, and that is beautiful. He thought of everything…