I don’t use the specific prompt for my postaday2011 blog posts, but this one is especially fun:

Make a list of five things you’re afraid to write about.

This is good for me. There are topics that I like to shy away from and others that I’ve had bad experiences with. Some of you may remember my infamous Twilight note. Thankfully, my friend at The Creative Juicer used his incredible internet tact to fend off the wolves…in fact, that might be thing number one. I think I might face my fears a little bit…it’ll be good to get this out…


Okay, there are lots of reasons people pick to get upset at it, but content-wise, it’s no worse than The Scarlet Letter or Moby Dick (two of my favorite books, coincidentally). Additionally, the writing lends itself to younger readers. There really isn’t a specific reason that people need to get upset about it for. A lot of the reviews on it are from people who haven’t read the book. They watch the movie trailer and draw a lot of conclusions, because there are tons of inaccuracies in these reviews. So sometimes people do get upset because they hear these terrible things about it…that really aren’t true.

My theory is that people want to be able to point fingers at something other than themselves. It’s human nature. When I was little, it was Pokemon and cross-dressers., then Harry Potter and witchcraft. These attitudes are how the Salem Witch Trials happened (oh yes, I went there). After a few years, people got over the evil and moved onto something else. Madeleine L’Engle said, “If you look for the Devil, you’ll find him”.

I feel compelled to defend Twilight because 1) the hatred is ridiculous, and 2) somebody has to!! I’ve got a weakness for underdogs (or under-wolves, hahaha). And for real reasons that do not include the hottness of any vampires or werewolves. It’s just a retelling of the vampire myth, and it only has as much power or evil as you give it. Feels good to express my real thoughts…No tact necessary…


Any one of you who has been my friend for awhile knows my feelings on this oppressive practice matter. I’d really just have to write a whole book on how I feel. Half of America would be offended, and the other half would have no idea of what I was talking about (lucky them!) To keep things short and simple, I’d like to offer you guys a quote from my friend: “No matter how much homeschooling you do, you are still sinful!” I think the same can be said about courtship.


More specifically, the way people use it. Even more specifically, how people use it to correct other people. There isn’t anything wrong with correction; it often brings about good things. If someone was having a normal conversation with me, and then said, “You know, Lara, I’ve noticed that you’ve been kind of prideful about this topic lately, and I don’t think it comes across well” or something like that, it would be PRODUCTIVE and POSITIVE chastisement. (Thankfully, I have good friends who point stuff like that out to me…I just have to be reminded a lot J)

Tonight even, I saw my friend make a funny comment about how she wasn’t enjoying being in class today for various reasons… FOUR people felt compelled to address her attitude. I’m pretty sure if they had had an actual conversation with her, then they would have seen that she is not being whiny or lazy…she was simply trying to be silly. Why do people feel like they have to burst someone’s bubble or tell them how it is? Is it a power thing? Or a control thing. I really don’t know. But I do know that it is not socially acceptable to treat people like that on Facebook…or even necessary to address! Miss Manners really needs to dedicate a whole book to social networking etiquette.

Are you guys starting to see why I’m afraid to write about these things? Now, postaday’s got me going…I might never stop!! It’s sooooooo cathartic to get all of this in writing. I’m probably going to get into trouble for this…


Is it just me, or does hearing that good fiscal policy is the highest achievement in government grate you the wrong way? Don’t get me wrong, I’m relatively conservative in my views…but all of the talk about money makes me uncomfortable. Maybe it’s the liberal left in me. I don’t know. I’m too afraid to write more on this…it’s more controversy than my little Twilight-courtship-facebook-scarred self could handle.

My feelings

Thankfully, with all this blogging I’ve been doing, it’s getting easier. I’ve still got a long way to go, though.

I didn’t sit down and plan to write all of this, especially since I’m terrified of audience. But I like to try to work on overcoming my fears. You just go MAD if you hold it in too long. Originally, I was just going to list my fears and leave them, mysteriously or whatever. Now, you guys probably know more about my pet peeves than you ever wanted to know…

Let me close with a Gandhi quote:

A little bit of dirt in the ocean does not make it dirty.

(This is for the the “poo in brownies” argument. If you haven’t heard it, be thankful.)

Eat your hearts out. I can take it. (I think.)


Disclaimer: My parents never did any of this stuff to me. I just got to watch it happen. I’m not sure that I’m glad that I did…