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In an attempt to put off writing my second set of nursing school essays, I am at my computer blogging, naturally. And blaring the new Footloose soundtrack (favorites are 6, 7, and 12). But the remake of the theme song can never replace Kenny Loggins’ version. His “I’m Free (Heaven Helps the Man)” really conveys the desperate of these small-town teens, especially at the bridge. If you feel angsty, listen, and you won’t be disappointed. I promise I will stop talking about Footloose soon. It’s just a writer’s curse to over think everything.

My mom bought balloons to put up around the house, but I keep thinking that they’re for someone else. I couldn’t possibly be 21. Not yet. My distressed jeans with artfully done (in my, but no one else’s, opinion) pain splatters agree. I will keep them on for comfort. They feel safe.

I’ve felt so much better lately, with no apparent cause. Letting all of my feelings and thoughts out (with some editing) has been truly cathartic. Maybe that’s all I needed to do. Thank you for all of the listening you have done. I’m going to continue to do this. It’s the simplest, healthiest solution to the blues.

Hawthorne thought about honesty, too. I suppose he had to, since he felt as though his ancestry was dishonest to themselves. He uses the minister, with whom Hester had an affair, to show the devastating effects of holding back. I’ll leave you with his parting thoughts.

Among many morals which press upon us from the poor minister’s miserable experience, we put only this into sentence: Be True! Be True! Be True! Show freely to the world if not the worst, yet some trait whereby the worst can be inferred.

…and now back to the celebrating. 🙂