Whenever I mention that I’m not a morning person (which is a COMPLETE understatement), usually someone will say “well, you’d better learn to be a morning person, if you want to be a nurse, because you’ll have those 4:45am shifts”. Like there aren’t other shifts… My mom says that some people just like to throw cold water on you. I think I’m just going to say that to the next person who says something inane like that. Or maybe I’ll just think it in my head.

Today, I went down to my one of my nursing school interviews, which went much better than the last one. It was much harder this time, possibly because I got rejected the first time. I didn’t much care for that feeling. Next week, I have one more, and I still haven’t completed the essays for that one. How on earth am I supposed to write about my potential barrier to success in their specific program? That is not even a fair question.

It will be nice to be back in school, if that ever happens. Maybe it’s a little silly, but I love the feel of blank notebooks and new gel pens. Once I get them, I can’t seem to stop using them. And, if I get into the program, I’ll have my first apartment!! So much more exciting than a dorm room. I have a sofa, table, chest, bed, bookshelves, and wall decorations. I just need some kitchen appliances and a dresser! I’ve been accumulating this stuff for awhile now. It’s important to me that everything matches just so. When I clean up my room a little more, I’ll post a few pictures of how it looks now.

On another note, there just hasn’t been a good postaday prompt! I may have to find a different writing challenge to do. Any suggestions? I need to be challenged (this is where those of you who feel the need to be smart alecks and suggest I work on my essays can just forget saying that), and I just don’t have much right now!