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1. I think, due to recent busyness on weekends, that I’m going to only have one weekend post. Most people aren’t checking this blog on the weekend anyway! So there will be a post on either Sat or Sun, but not on both days.

2. I’m at 38% of my weight loss goal. Here are pictures!! You can also look here to see an earlier blog post about eating.

This is the start









This was at 20%









This is now









3. A week or two ago, I watched that show New Girl. While I know its quirky, youthful tone appeals to many, I found it to be kitschy. At first, I couldn’t put my finger on it, but then I realized this: Jess represents a secular attempt to regain society’s innocence. I think that’s why I didn’t find her character endearing or believable. If people like her exist, they aren’t innocent because they cry watching Dirty Dancing after a breakup or can’t express their anger at an ex. Something deeper and more substantial causes innocence, not idiosyncrasies.

4. Halloween is my favorite holiday, but I couldn’t begin to tell you why. Maybe it’s the dressing up or the fact that no fancy meal needs to be prepared. I don’t know. But tomorrow, you can be sure that I’ll be dressed up as Princess Leia, like always. 🙂