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I’m a highly motivated person. Except that whenever I motivate myself to do something, I usually end up doing something else. I console myself by telling myself that at least I got SOMETHING done. Like, when I get a gym membership, I go to the gym for a week or two, and then I decide that I’d rather walk outside. So for the entirety of the gym membership, I get my exercise outside. Or like when I decided that I’d tackle this huge list of classic literature and philosophy…I didn’t even get to the first book! Instead, I found a bunch of other good, but different books to read instead. In fact, this blog was started as an attempt to procrastinate on finals. What is wrong with me??

I guess that once I buckle down to do something, I end up realizing that there is a whole great big world out there that I am missing out on. There are just too many interesting things to do and read and watching, so why am I wasting my time on silly, meaningless accomplishments? (Although I do always end up getting my finals done well…because that HAS to be done. Everything else, eh, not so much). Life is just too much fun, and there are too many things to be discovered. Does anyone else have this problem?

Also, does anyone have suggestions for me as far as topics go? I have some ideas, but I haven’t officially started to tackle them yet. (Surprise, surprise). My brother suggested doing a three-part post on something controversial. I get the feeling that he’s not so much interested in what I have to say as he is in the controversy it might stir up… Just a feeling, though. 😉

Let me try to add one of these poll thingies in here:

Vote away! If you have other suggestions, you can insert them in the poll or just leave them in the comment box. I don’t mind doing research on other topics. It’s not like I have anything better to do while waiting to hear about nursing school. (Btw, I was waitlisted for one program and had another interview that went really well! So we’ll see…hopefully by next week).