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I heard a John Piper quote this weekend that I liked. “Don’t stop praying until the mountain is moved.” It was exactly what I needed to hear. Most of my close friends are broken, hurting, and in need of grace. I am, too. I can’t fix anything for them. But I can spend time on my knees, so that’s what I did. Let me tell you what happened…I am still reeling.

It started out as one of those defeatist fall seasons, where cycles keep repeating in spite of all of our efforts. I had forgotten in the midst of all this that cycles can be broken. Nothing is ever stuck.

New opportunities came for people. A changed heart, one that people thought was beyond redemption. A solution to a health issue. All in one weekend. I’m still waiting, but it’s heartening to watch others receive mercy. Some of these difficulties had been around for awhile, and some were new problems.

So often, I think I know what I need. Whenever I do, I usually end up in a totally different situation. God works in mysterious, unfathomable ways, and He likes to surprise us when we think we know what we need. He never fails, but He tests. God works in our weaknesses, in our instability, in our failures.

Yesterday, in church, my pastor said that God is not Aristotle’s Unmoved Mover…He is moved by everything He sees. What more could we ask for? And yet, there is always more with Him. More than all we could ever ask for or receive.