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Those of you who are busy, be glad you’re busy. I’m in a transition phase where I’m looking for ways to occupy my time. I surf the web, read random blogs, and watch really lame television. I read books, too. Or parts of books, if they’re really intelligent ones. Did you know boredom can kill you? Okay, well, it actually can shorten your lifespan, which is basically like killing you. I read about it here.

I’ve found a lot of ways to combat boredom, since this is the first semester of my life that I haven’t been in school (including summers while in college). Last spring, I wasn’t in school, but then I got really bored, tested out of a class, took a nursing entrance exam, and took another class online ahead of time… Then my dear friend Catherine made me promise that no matter how bored I was, I would not, not, NOT take classes this fall. If you’re getting tired of my posts, blame her.

Right now, not only do I have to combat boredom, but I also have to find ways to distract myself from thinking about nursing schools. It’s gotten pretty masochistic. The other day, I told my mom that I would make the entire Thanksgiving dinner (extended family and friends included). I also decided to catalog all of my books into a very pretty and obsessive-looking document. Who knows what I will do to myself next??

Also, I found a great quote by James Altucher today:

Write with the same voice you talk in.You’ve spent your whole life learning how to communicate with that voice. Why change it when you communicate with text?