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So…I wasn’t able to sit down to write, but thankfully, I had a ready-made post, just for a day like this. 🙂 Also, my mind is way too distracted to focus right now, since I was officially accepted to the Second Degree BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) program I wanted to get into! It’s 12 months long…50 weeks of straight work…I’m a little tired just thinking about it. But it’s a nice feeling, not having to wait any longer.

I still haven’t worked up the energy to write book reviews, but since I tell you guys what I’m currently in the middle of, I thought I would feature books from my collection! These are books for all ages and tastes, and stuff I thought was worth spending the money on to keep. 🙂


Girl Meets God-Lauren Winner

Sci fi/Fantasy

Wizard’s First Rule-Terry Goodkind

Children’s Fiction

The Great Brain-John D. Fitzgerald

YA Fiction

All-American Girl-Meg Cabot


Gone With the Wind-Margaret Mitchell


Maisie Dobbs-Jacqueline Winspear


Shoot the Moon-Billie Letts