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I was a messy child. For some reason, I found it easier to wade through the toys, papers, and books in my room than to organize them. I knew I could always find them on the floor. When I got a little bit older, I justified this mess by (self-righteously) calling myself “laid back”, which was really an excuses for laziness.

Something switched in me later, and I became not only clean, but highly concerned with sanitation. This idea works in a hospital environment, but in a house full of kiddos, not so much. Trying to get people to take their feet off the coffee table is almost more effort than it’s worth. And screeching at someone who dropped a towel on the floor to throw it in the dirty laundry detracts from actual virtues, like kindness.

At Sturm Und Mom, I got a little perspective this week. While it’s not realistic to step around every little thing in the way, there’s something to be said for having the kind of attitude she describes. Maybe that’s part of what being an adult is about—having high standards, but relaxing when things don’t go the right way.

Just some partially formed thoughts for the weekend…