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Antigone's Clamor

I like that Christianity is not an easy religion. It is one that does not give us all the answers, but rather, it gives us the tools to search for them. I always reflect on the story of Jacob, because I consider him the most perplexing Biblical character. In spite of his deceit, his trickery, his weakness, and his audacity, he was one of the three Patriarchs, honored by generation after generation. He was beloved by God, but he was the least admirable of the Patriarchs. Hamlet might make a better hero than him. But God chose Jacob, and that is a concept for me to wrestle with.

I’m going to talk about a few of the aspects of Christianity that I find incredible, and I’m adding in quotes from a book on Jacob by Madeleine L’Engle, called A Stone for a Pillow. Unfortunately, I can’t remember what book…

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