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I’ve been making excuses for not blogging for quite awhile, mostly because I didn’t think I could keep it up while working the night shift. That’s probably true, but I’ll give it a shot anyway. My 16-year old brother promised to harass me to do at least one a week. It was really therapeutic when I blogged consistently before. I have been writing on the side, though, mostly journaling with a little bit of world-building on Scrivener. I haven’t quite worked up the gumption to try my hand at high fantasy, but at some point, I’ll get there. Playing around with concepts and characters has been fun.

There’s been almost zero consistency in my life for the past two and a half years, which is often frustrating. I have a lot of free time, but that comes with the price of being perpetually sleepy (no fatigue, though, thank goodness!) and awake at mostly odd hours. This past summer, I’ve started to channel some of that free time into more productive activities than Netflix and Hulu (mainly because I’ve watched nearly everything I’m interested in, but I’m pretending that it’s because I’d like to pursue more stimulating past times).

What I did is I bought a bunch of random good books (so that way if I tired of one genre or author, I don’t have an excuse), and I made a goal for myself. It’s a lot easier to focus on reading now that I’m not constantly in pain. One of my favorites from August was Never Let Me go (Kazuo Ishiguro), recommended by a good friend. That same friend also helped me gain momentum reading more challenging books, just trying ten or so pages a day. I’ve been slogging through The Sound and the Furyand have been heavily relying on SparkNotes). It’ll take me awhile before I’m brave enough to attempt stream of consciousness again.

I’ve also been trying different types of exercise. Before, even swimming brought me pain, and that’s supposed to be one of the lowest impact sports. I started out by trying hatha yoga a year ago, (which is a whole other blog post entirely), and have since been able to swim again and try pilates, cycling, Zumba, and long walks! My biggest milestone was going on a 5.6 mile walk last week when on a family vacation.

So, good things are coming, better things are ahead…